Defining sounds

Both Sprites and the Stage can have sounds. You will usually define these just by their filename, for example:

import pytch

class Kitten(pytch.Sprite):
    Sounds = ["miaow.mp3", "mew.mp3"]

And then you can say, for example, self.start_sound("mew"). If you want to have a different label for a sound, you can use a two-element tuple like

import pytch

class Puppy(pytch.Sprite):
    Sounds = [("bark", "big-loud-bark.mp3"), "growl.mp3"]

Here we will be able to say self.start_sound("bark"), which will start playing the big-loud-bark.mp3 file; or we can say self.start_sound("growl"), which will start playing the growl.mp3 file. This example shows that you can give some sounds a custom label, and leave others with their default label.

Playing sounds

Once you have given your Sprite (or Stage) some sounds as above, see the help about the Making sounds methods to learn how to play them.